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A site to be seen!

There's no website we can't create. From Big Business to a Personal Portfolio Page, we'll do it all. Our developers have the knowledge to tackle any challenge that is put in front of them.

Azul Digital | Web Design
Better decisions

We'll show you the analytics to understand your customers and their behaviours on your site. Things like what keeps them longer, what time they access and other good stuff. This will help you and us make the best decisions!

Azul Digital | Web Design
Keep it cool!

Websites need to change with the times and with what’s trending. We pride ourselves on being the coolest kids on the block.

Pick a platform

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We plan, design, develop and host WordPress websites. Plus we do digital marketing and SEO for WordPress websites. A website is usually fast to build using WordPress, and very easy for you to maintain. This makes it a good option for many clients. Popular plug-ins include WooCommerce, the free open-source shopping system for eCommerce websites. Talk with us when you’re planning your next website. WordPress may be suitable. We’ll let you know.

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Shopify is a licensed eCommerce platform which has become very popular all over the world thanks to its advantages such as its user-friendly functionalities and well-integrated payment systems.

The minions at Azul love to make cool shops through Shopify, and would love to help you get your store up and running as soon as possible!

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If you prefer another platform for creating your website, we'll definitely be able to get that done for you! Just let us know, and we'll get cracking on it.

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