Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Azul Digital | Social Media Management
More than selfies

Running a great social media account is so much more than just posting another photo to the enormous pile of images on the web or talking into the void.

Azul Digital | Social Media Management
Leave it to us

There’s a lot that goes into creating a following and getting traction on posts – and it’s all stuff that we should have to worry about, not you!

Let it brew

Having a solid brand page is very achievable — but it does take time and effort to build organically.

We'll look after it all!

Page Set Up and Management accordion-plus accordion-minus

We can take care of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform where having your brand makes sense. Setting up an account correctly will pay off greatly in the long run but if your page has already been set up and need a refresh, we can do that too!

Content Creation accordion-plus accordion-minus

Original content that helps your brand stand out can be created for your social media accounts. Images are videos are all unique and all dimensions are utilised.

Hashtags accordion-plus accordion-minus

Hashtags help your account grow and reach new audiences while engaging with current ones. We’re big on implementing hashtags in our strategies because they work. #azulisthebest

Content Scheduling accordion-plus accordion-minus

It’s not just what you post, it’s also when you post it. Different products will see more success when posted at certain times when your audience is active and engaged. We cover all the bases, posting at varied times until we work out what times are translating into sales for your product — then we aggressively target those time blocks.

Advertising accordion-plus accordion-minus

It’s a quick and effective way to increase awareness and familiarity with your brand. You can choose to advertise for a week, a month, or even longer and you can start or stop it at any time!

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If we got you to click this, we can definitely get you followers and engagement…

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